What is it that you desire?

“What is it that you desire?

“I desire to feel the root of your longing,

Show me the rock of your resolve.

Whisper me the secrets

You learned in the dark place

Tell me all that you heard

In that emptiness.”

“And so, what do you desire?

“To explore your inner spaces

As a Lilliputian might:

Climbing down oesophagal galleries

A blue art brut of the viscera

As I paint my bright moniker

Across your muscular chambers.”

Can you tell me what it is that you desire?”

“For you to forget your version of now

And the need to understand.

Don’t abandon me for the light;

I want you to hold on tight

To my darkness

And trust the shadows.”

“Tell me what you desire!

“I’m not wearing my boots

To tower over you

Or kick your broken dog.

You must tell me when I hurt you;

When your muscles flinch

From my touch, as a punch.”

“But, what is it that you desire?

“I want to feel the fire in your eyes

Spreading wildly through my grasses

Share that shimmering heat with me

Generously. There’s no oasis:

This is the flaming heart

Of a continent burning.”